Future OS X aims to provide a professional, quality and scalable user experience on devices running on all supported architectures by blending the open source software experience from the past with new technologies and software developed in-house, supports the open source software ecosystem, open source software and operating systems. manufactures, develops and distributes systems.

Future OS X works to ensure that the operating systems it produces and distributes are always safe, up-to-date and stable. It follows the latest software technologies and includes it in the software repositories that can be accessed by the operating systems it produces as soon as possible. In order for the operating system to be stable and robust, it always makes available the linux kernel with compatible hardware drivers. It supports upgrading and allows users to get new versions and switch between versions with just one operating system installation.

Among the goals of Future OS are to ensure that the operating systems it produces become widespread, to be among the operating system preferences of global software platforms, server and cloud providers, to provide professional support to corporate businesses, to continuously develop the software and systems it produces, to identify and implement all possible security measures, To ensure the security of its users during the use of the operating systems and software it produces, not to restrict the freedom of its users, to always support the developers and to continue working on new architectures and devices with research and development activities, to produce corporate and personalized software solutions, to create and support open source software communities.

Future OS X aims to meet the operating system needs of the public on all devices it supports with the open source operating systems it produces and develops, and to bring people together in open source software communities and to educate them.

We can build the "Future" together!