Future OS - Workstation

Workstation is the Future Linux operating system installed on personal Desktops and Laptops, with a visual desktop manager, and easy to use by everyone, including home users and software developers. It comes with the GNOME desktop manager, which is popular among Linux operating systems.

Inside; system tools include the most basic software such as browser, file manager, archive manager, text editor. Installation of other software and 3rd party applications is left to the user's choice to use only the applications and software needed.

What can I do with Future OS Workstation?

Future OS Workstation, you can do everything an operating system can do. You can work with office software and play games with supported game platforms. By using virtualization software, you can run another operating system, or even develop software by installing the software development tools you need on your system. You can read your e-mails, keep in touch with your friends with messaging applications, and install and use 3rd party applications. If you have a connection that can broadcast to hundreds of people over the Internet, you can set up all platforms running on servers and offer a wide variety of services to your users through Future Os Workstation. What you can do is limited by your imagination and Linux operating system experience.

How can I install Future OS to my computer?

Very simple! Go to our download page now and download the installation media suitable for your computer and learn how to do it from our help pages. You can find all the information you need in our documentation and how-tos.

Can I try Future OS without installing it?

Certainly! Future OS operating system installation images and iso images are executable media called live systems. You can boot your computer with the appropriate Future OS image you will download and try it without installing it on your hard disk. As long as you do not delete your data that you can access and view with the live system, trying the Future OS operating system will not harm your data. If you remove the Futue OS installation media by restarting your computer without installation, you can continue your work from where you left off.

How can I get support if I encounter a problem?

You can benefit from our help documents and how-to documents related to your problem. If you have a problem or question that isn't covered in our documentation, you can ask other Future OS users using our user forum. If your problem still persists, feel free to send us an email telling us about your problem and what you have done to solve it.