Introducing "Future OSX Server":
The Ultimate Linux Operating Server for Professionals

Server Edition is a Linux operating system distribution that is used for commercial and personal purposes, built on computers with high hardware specifications or virtual computers created using virtualization technology and cloud platforms.

They are called servers because of their structure that provides 24/7 service for certain purposes. Server operating systems generally do not have desktop manager and visual applications and perform certain tasks. Usage areas are systems that are configured to present information that is desired to be accessed constantly, such as website presentation, domain name server, mail server, file sharing server, and so on.

Future OS Server operating system comes with only the basic software necessary for the operation and management of the system. You can create the platforms you need by installing and configuring the necessary software for the job you want to do.

What can I do with Future OS Server?

With the server, you can configure a (DNS) domain name server so that your domain names are discoverable by other computers, you can host your websites. By setting up a mail server, you can manage the incoming and outgoing e-mails of your domains, and open your files with a shared domain. By configuring a VPN server, you can work with your team and colleagues, and create your own messaging services with messaging servers. With container images, you can run microservices and virtualize any system running on supported architectures. By running services created with various software platforms, you can offer services configured in line with your users' needs.

How can I have a server with Future OS installed?

Platforms that support Future OS offer Future OS Server option within operating system images. If you are working with a company that does not support Future OS yet, request support from the platform you are working with on how to do it. Offering many server and cloud platform services, the company supports external iso and image installations. You can also consider working with companies that offer Future OS Server option.

How can I get support if I encounter a problem?

If you are working with a platform that supports Future OS Server installation, you can get support for your problem from the support unit of the company you work for. If your problem is related to your server operating system, you can benefit from our help documents and how-to documents regarding your problem. If you have a problem or question that isn't covered in our documentation, you can ask other Future OS users using our user forum. If your problem still persists, feel free to send us an email telling us about your problem and what you have done to solve it.

Can I get Enterprise Support of Future OS for my business?

For the operating system, software, server, cloud and microservices needs of your business, you can benefit from the business-specific solutions of Future OS with corporate agreements. By contacting us right away, you can report your needs and be informed about our business solutions suitable for you. We offer live support and professional solutions to businesses with corporate agreements. Please contact us for information.